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Tradition and innovation since 1948

Making pasta is one of the oldest crafts in Italy and with this food our country has enticed and conquered palates all over the world. It is an ancient trdestefanoadition based on the treasure chest of agricultural food products which have always been available in Italy and the use made of them throughout the centuries. This imprinting has been used by great craftsmen who have blended tradition, creativity and innovation to give results and products of a surprisingly high level.
The DESTEFANO family have been craftsmen of pasta since 1948 and they have united craftsmanship, creativity, attention to product quality and the most modern production techniques.


They have equipped their production plant at Bollengo (TO) with 20 pasta forming machines and three pasteurization plants which guarantee a production of over 300 kg/hour.
Thanks to our in-house kitchen, which concocts, develops and produces fillings for our products on a daily basis, we can create recipes at our customers’ request, using local raw materials and even offering the option of personalised labels.
Precise and innovative distribution strategies of a product which must always be fresh and of top quality guarantee speedy delivery in all of North Italy and the other European markets.

Historical background to PLIN

A typical dish across the whole Piedmont region, and especially in the Alba area, are “agnolotti del plin” - a type of ravioli, small in size and rectangular in shape, with one side not cut but pinched by hand (the term 'plin' actually means the pinch that is given to close it and which is reminiscent of the folds in a sweet wrapper).

The fillings vary from the classical Piedmont agnolotti with roasted or braised beef and pork to ones for the more demanding customers, such as truffles and meat or fondue and truffles, while for the more delicate palates there are those stuffed with cheese and herbs, or with Toma cheese and hazelnuts from Alba.
Both Piedmont agnolotti and agnolotti del plin are included in the list of traditional Italian agri-food products, drawn up by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and therefore protected in accordance with regulations of the Region of Piedmont.

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