Our historyTradition & innovation since 1948

Giuseppe Destefano was born in Ivrea in 1912. It was here that, in 1948 after the war, he set up a small family-run fresh pasta factory.
In 1953, the demand for his agnolotti had increased so much that he had to move his business to much larger premises in the nearby village of Bollengo.
By word of mouth alone, the freshness, quality and sheer goodness of the product ensured that the Destefano agnolotti became known well beyond the region to extensive market areas both in Italy and abroad.
The company then passed into the hands of his two sons, Rinaldo and Giuliano, who were able to carry on with the same passion - their love for fresh filled pasta.
Today the company has passed on the third generation and is now run by Marco Destefano and Chiara Destefano, the founder’s grandchildren.

destefano storiaGiuseppe Destefano