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What we believe in: love and respect

The art of making pasta is one of Italy's oldest trades with which our country seduces and beguiles palates around the world.
Used by great craftsmen to make products of excellence, this ancient tradition is based on the agri-food treasures our territory has to offer and on the art of blending ingredients handed down over the centuries by our ancestors.
In the laboratories located in Bollengo, in the Province of Turin, on the slopes of the majestic Serra relief of Ivrea, the Destefano family, pasta makers since 1948, continue to combine craftsmanship, creativity and attention to product quality.
It is here that tradition and innovation blend together on a daily basis giving rise to results and products of a superior level.
The ingredients of tradition: quality and well-being.
The ethical choice of the Pastificio Destefano is ingrained in its history, in an ancient family tradition where quality and well-being are not options but a fundamental custom, arising from the contact with its own territory and its own people.
Today, as then, the craftsmen of the in-house kitchen concoct, develop and produce tasty recipes using the best raw materials, semi-wholemeal flours made from ancient grains, rice flour and ingredients that are selected with patience and care.
Production flexibility and the possibility to adapt the product to the needs of the customer represent a further guarantee of quality.
Pastificio Destefano has certified its line of products known as The Vegan Recipes according to the VEGANOK standard, in compliance with its product specifications, ethical code and environmental standards.


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Vegan recipes: Stuffed with flavour and health

Mezzelune with Asparagus
Fagottini with Green Beans, Potatoes and Basil
Fiorelloni with Patate and Tropea red Onion

Quadratoni with Zucchini 
Mezzelune with Vegetables
Fiorelloni with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Funghetti with Porcini
Quadratoni with Pumpkin and Almonds
Fiorelloni with Leeks and Potatoes

Mezzelune with Red Chicory and Hazelnuts
Fiorelloni with Artichoke
Quadratoni with Broccoli and Potatoes