BRC Food Certificated

Certificate number:  916/001

BRC - British Retail Consortium - is a specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products. It was set up in England in 1998 through the cooperation of the major players operating in the retail trade in Great Britain - the "British Retail Consortium", in order to ensure the hygiene and safety of food products. Due to its effectiveness and completeness of requirements it has been taken as a reference by the European retail trade with a wider application environment, not restricted only to branded product suppliers.

IFS Food Box

Certificate number: 916/002

IFS - International Food Standard - is the most widespread international product standard in Central European countries and was set up in 2002 by leading German (BDH - Federal Union of German Associations of Commerce) and French retailers (FCD - French retailers’ representative body). Inspired by the British BRC model, the aim of the IFS was to encourage the efficient selection of retail suppliers in the food sector according to their ability to provide safe products, in conformity with contractual specifications and legal requirements.
Like the BRC standard, the IFS has also been recognised by the GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative, and applies particularly to all companies in the food sector that are involved in the processing and/or packaging of loose products.


In May 2016 we obteined for our vegan’s products line VEGANOK's brand.

We declare that no substance in our products with the brand “VEGANOK” obtained by animals or imply directly and on purpose kill, detention or exploitation of animals.